Electronics and communication engineering, along with other technical professionals, are the locomotives of the development of the high technologies which are surrounding us. Most of the sophisticated systems used in any discipline of the engineering are presently supported by Electronics and communication systems. This shows the educational importance of the electronics and communication branch of engineering, resulting in great demand and short and long term prospective.

The field of Electronics and Communication Engineering encompasses all areas of human life. Radio, television, telephones, Smartphone, computers, automobiles, office machinery and house-hold appliances, life saving medical equipments and space vehicles represent a mere sample in the wide spectrum of application of Electronics and communication.

In short

Electronics and Communication engineering is inseparable part of human lives from morning we get up till we go to bed.

Salient Features of Department

Established since the inception of the institute in year 2000 with an intake of 60 in UG and progressively reached to intake of 120 in UG and started PG course in 2011-12 with an intake of 18.

  • Dedicated Team of Well Experienced and learned Faculty members with 2 Ph.D completed, 6 Ph.D (Pursuing), and all the other faculty members completed their master degree from reputed universities and institutions.
  • Equipped with latest equipments, kits & Instruments of approx investment of 1.7 Crore
  • Unique State of Art project Center only one of its kind in the state worth rs. 1500000.
  • Only of its Kind “Center of Excellence in Solar Technology Laboratory” in Saurashtra Region
  • Only of its Kind “Center of Excellence in Robotics laboratory in association with Team E-Yantra IIT Bombay” in Saurashtra Region
  • More than 70% placement with handsome salary packages
  • 13 patent applications filed by faculties and students
  • Total 250+ publications of faculties and 50+ publications of students in peer reviewed reputed journals and conferences.
  • More than 30 different awards and recognitions to faculties and more than 200 awards to students in various technical and nontechnical symposiums
  • More than 20 other than syllabus certification courses by faculty and students with more than 500 certificates already issued by IIT Bombay and out side india universities.
  • In house and industrial training to the students
  • Motivation and support for competitive exams, extra and cocurricular activities
  • Handsome university results
  • Huge investment in books and other online and offline study materials
  • Department highly focuses on Skill Development part of the students and encourages students to take the benefit of the Government Policies like Make in India, Electronics Policy, Mission Smart City and Digital India.
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