• Entrepreneurship is the part of Gujarati culture and peoples are involved in industries and business. Looking at that, numbers of multidisciplinary and applied academic courses are made available that will help students to enter in entrepreneurship or help in family business.
  • Institute has an active Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC). It has already organized few programmes, awareness drive and has taken the following endeavors-

The Objective of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

  • Encourage entrepreneurship among the aspirant students.
  • Guiding students for identifying business opportunities and preparing projects relating to entrepreneurship.
  • Connecting the prospective entrepreneurs to various concerned authorities.

The Activities of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

  • Institute organizes Entrepreneur Awareness Program & Entrepreneur Orientation Program – EOP in collaboration with Agencies like, CED, DIC, and EB etc.
  • Also lectures by successful entrepreneurs and alumni are arranged for the students.


Activities of EDC
Date Event Name Expert Duration No. of participated Students/ Faculties
25/4/2013 Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme Chandubhai Virani Chairman of           Balaji Wafers 2 hrs. 119
4/9/2013 Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme Nilkanthrai Jani Regional Manager of Centre for  Entrepreneurship Development, Gujarat 2 hrs. 126
7/9/2013 Operations Manager  of International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Tech Devesh Rathod 3 hrs. 355
7/10/13 to 9/10/13 Entrepreneurship Awareness camp 10 Experts of Different area 3 days 80
7/10/13 Entrepreneurship Awareness camp Mr. Piyush Charadava

Asst Prof,AITS

1 Session 80
20/01/2014 to 01/02/14 Entrepreneurship Development Prof M S Kagthara, Asst Prof, AITS 2 week 55
7/01/2014 Entrepreneurship Development Dr.G.D. Acharya


1 Session 20
30/01/2014 Entrepreneurship Development Mr.K.R.Patel

Asst Prof, AITS

1 Session 20


HRD/AMT Workshop Mr N M Jani

Mr M D Bharvada

1 Day 42


NSIC Activities and schemes for Entrepreneurs Mr Chirag Bhanvadia 1 day 35
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