Use of feedback from stakeholders in enriching the curriculum

The institution has various channels to collect and document responses on curriculum from the stakeholders. The students and other stakeholders express their opinion on curriculum through online feedback system.

We have framed Vision & Mission of the institute & department. At the department level, we have framed Programme Educational Objectives & Programme Outcomes. Every year Department meeting is held to discuss fulfillment of the PEO, PO based on university results & feedback received from students of various batches & other stakeholders. The process is as under:

Student Feedback:

At the end of every semester feedback is collected from students in respect of subject teachers on the following parameters:-

  • Teaching Methods
  • Engagement of students in the class
  • Subject knowledge
  • Clarity in presentation / giving real life practical examples in class.
  • Quality of support material/ course notes/ Assignment
  • Ability to answer student’s questions satisfactorily.

Alumni Feedback:

Every year institute organizes Alumni Meet in which feedback is collected to enrich the curriculum as well as inputs are collected from alumni on industrial/Technological trends and emerging practices.

Employers Feedback:

We organize curriculum development workshops, where we invite employers. Their feedback is collected during these interactions. Also feedback from recruiters is collected when they come for campus recruitments.

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