Pioneering in the field of Instrumentation & Control in Saurashtra University, this department has grown up a long way. This department is unique in the Saurashtra University not only by means of Syllabus, but also in the sense of Industrial relations & support, vast use of various teaching aids, staff student interaction, rich library & e-library utilization, and laboratory infrastructure also.

In the sense of curriculum of Branch, it is the proper combinations of subjects, which not only leads students to industrial aspect but also gives an edge to learn subjects that can be useful for their future studies as well as advance developments in the field of Instrumentation & Control. The entire syllabus is such nicely designed to give students sufficient depth. Syllabus of Inst & Control steam includes subjects like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Expert systems, neural networks & Fuzzy Logic, Biomedical Instrumentation, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, System Design, Industrial Automation etc.

To give nice practical approach to the field of instrumentation & control, department is currently having five state of art laboratories which are quite rich not in the sense of instruments but also in the sense of experiments also. All the labs are having sufficient amount of Charts and other supportive teaching aids. Department has also prepared the Lab Books for the subject “Control System”. The process of preparing Lab Books is also going in the full flange. One of the Asset of the Department is the ROBOTICS Kit, which costs around 0.1 million. We proudly say that non other than this department of University has this kind of Robotics Kit. The kit has inbuilt features like, assembling and dissembling of robot kit in whatever manner we wish. Total investment of college after the various advance instruments of laboratories is around 1.3 Millions of Rupees.

The department is having vast sets of teaching aids like transparencies, charts, multimedia media presentations, and simulators, tutors that are used to make students learn the subjects in lucid manner. There is huge collection of Textbooks, Reference books, magazines, journals of various subjects in main library, which supports and encourages students as well as faculties in a great and easy manner. Department is also having vast collection of various text and reference books in the Departmental Library. It also has the various magazines and journals.

Department is having great encouraging and warm support of industries and medical hospitals in various aspects, related to syllabus designing, student and staff training and other technical support. KRIBHCO and GNFC has also donated instruments and control system components to the department.

Main strength of any department is better close neat of Staff and between Staff and Students. Department is having the enthusiastic and dedicated work force. All the staff members are working with that much of enthusiasm that any task or any work is the opportunity for them to work. There is no bar of levels within the staff members. Department is also having good relations with other department also.Department is organizing events like ‘Tech View’ to give the junior students the view about the future aspects of Instrumentation & Control field.


To be an academic institution with dynamic equilibrium with its environment, striving continuously for excellence in education, research and forming of an idyllic human resource development center to serve the society that lead to academic enrichment and perennial advancement.


Aspire to meet the growing and diverse educational needs of the community through provision of innovative learning opportunities along with inculcation of values of culture, morality & spirituality enabling student and employees to build productive carriers and to develop itself as a Center of Excellence in a changing society.

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