Goals :

  1. To be considered one of the top five engineering colleges in undergraduate and graduate studies.
  2. Training students and developing expertise in Instrumentation and control engineering, Instrumentation and control at the graduate level.
  3. Research & development of various control system and developing understanding of instrument / process instrument phenomena underlying such systems.
  4. Engineering analysis and optimal design of various Instrumentation and control systems and processes.
  5. Transfer of knowledge through seminars, symposia and short-term refresher courses at national and international levels.
  6. Undertake industrial consultancy jobs to solve the specific problems of Instrumentation and control industries.
  7. To educate future leaders who are the most sought-after engineering graduates in the world.

Objectives :

  1. Training students at the undergraduate level.
  2. Research and Development in Instrumentation and control Engineering.
  3. Providing continuing education programs for working professionals.
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