AITS Library & Learning Centre holds the Central Space in the entire A.I.T.S Building just as great saying goes that
"Library Should Be The Heart Of Any Academic Institution".

Financial Planning in Uncertain Markets Seminar conducted by AITS Library & Learning Centre

Foreign Language Club.
Library has given space to students to come up with clubs which will help them explore their talents and skills both curriculam and extra curriculam; one such club that is active is Foriegn Language Club.

Photography workshop was organized by Library & Learning centre exclusively for the entire ATMIYA campus in association with the If The Art Cafe who have been organizing the
"Fota ni moj" contest in the city.

World Environment Day
The theme for 2013 World Environment Day celebrations was Think.Eat.Save. Think.Eat.Save is an anti-food waste and food loss campaign that encourages you to reduce your foodprint. The students were amazed to know the facts and later this campaign was seriously taken by our mess and posters relating to No Food waste were also put; now the students and staff are conscious about the food wastage.

Vasant Panchami Celebration
Vasant Panchami is celebrated in our campus by felicitating Best Readers and Best Researchers on the campus. It is organized by the Library and Learning centres of Yogidham Gurukul.

Saturday Booktalk
The Saturday Book Talk is a regular activity at the Library and Learning Centre, it is provided by the faculty to the faculties from across the campus.

Elsevier Webinar

Atmiya Research Forum
As an academician, we all need to develop ourselves, update ourselves regularly. Research is the only way to keep ourselves update in this fast growing era of technology.. So we had talk series under research forum at ATMIYA to share research experiences.

A.I.T.S Gallery


A.I.T.S Library And Learning Centre was shifted to this new premise on 20th April 2007. It holds the Central Space in the entire A.I.T.S Building; just as great saying goes that – Library Should Be The Heart Of Any Academic Institution.


Current Events


A.I.T.S Library And Learning Centre conducts many activities round the year, some of the popular ones are the Saturday Book Talks, Foreign Language Club, Research Commons and Forum

New Arrivals

3Collection – LLC adds collection of both print and online resources round the year and across disciplines and genre

Special Collection


A.I.T.S Library And Learning Centre Has A Special Collection In The Following Areas:
1.Teaching Methodology
2.Research Methodology
3.Library Science
4.Competitive Exams .