The institution has acquired many sophisticated instruments by self funding which are placed in Departmental Laboratories. All the concerned faculty members and research students are briefed about the working principle, applications, construction and operation of these instruments by the company engineer or the expert in the institution. The institution has also ensured:

The following table lists out some outstanding equipment/instruments which are continuously and effectively used by faculty and student member of the departments for the sake of research activity.

Sr.No Department Name of Instruments Cost (Rs)
1 CE/IT IBM X3200 Mini Tower Server (2Nos) 800000
2 CE/IT IBM Power Server P50 500000
3 CE/IT Sun Fire 280R Server 400000
4 CE/IT Cisco ACS 1113 Server 400000
5 CE/IT Cyberoam  100ia 400000
6 CE/IT IBM X346 X Series Rack mount Server 350000
7 CE/IT Authenticating Cisco Switches 200000
CE/IT Total 30,50,000
1 EC Project Workbench 1500000
2 EC MATLAB Software (25 user licence) 1000000
3 EC GSM Evoluton Kit ST 2133 276413
4 EC Embedded system development Kit ( SLS ) (VLSI), 200000
EC Total 29,76,413
1 EE 150kV, 225J, 5-stage Complete Impulse Generator 601569
2 EE Wind Energy Training System 380387
3 EE Transformer Protection Simulation Panel with Resistance Box & Auto Transformer 354799
4 EE Generator Protection Simulation with Motor & Generator Set 351621
5 EE 400kV Transmission Line Simulation Study Panel 280662
6 EE Solar Thermal Training System With Integrated Panel & Halogen Illumination System + Lux Meter 250975
7 EE Motor Protection Study Unit with AC Motor 238298
8 EE DC Compound / Shunt Generator 221340
9 EE DC Series Motor Study Panel 219127
10 EE DC Shunt Motor – Non Silent Pole Alternator With 3-Ph Resistive Load & Variable Inductive Load 215527
11 EE DC Shunt Motor – Silent Pole Alternator with Auto Transformer 203347
12 EE DC Shunt Motor – Salient Pole Alternator with Synchronization Panel with 5kW / 415V Resistive Load Bank 201229
EE Total 35,18,881
1 IC National Instrument LABVIEW 1130462
IC Total 19,04,462
1 Mech Jyoti make CNC Vertical machining Centre model PX10 with All Standard Accessories and Electricals 1708272
2 Mech Jyoti make CNC turning Centre modelDX150 with siemens controller and all standard Accessories and Electricals 1450005
3 Mech 4 cylinder, 4S petrol engine for Morse test. Exhaust gas analyzer for CI and SI engine 549886
Mech Total 37,08,163
Total 1,51,57,919
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